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Parent & Child classes

This is the best activity I do with my 3 ½ year old each week. Freddie talks of Drama Llamas throughout the week and the notes that you are passed at the end of each class make you feel like super mum – as you can develop the discussion on what has been going on throughout the class! Thank you!
- Juliet with Freddie (aged 3 ½).

parents and children


Drama Llamas classes encourage imaginative play between parent and child and will help you, as a parent, to nurture this important part of your child’s development. As parents, we are so often too busy to engage in our children’s games and sometimes we lack the energy or inspiration to get involved. Drama Llamas will not only give you the opportunity to spend precious time with your child’s fantastic imagination, but the stories and activities we explore each week will give you ideas to enjoy at home with your little one.

Children Only Classes

Child only classes

Special time together with your child is invaluable, however we recognise that sometimes you need a break! We also recognise that some children respond better without the distraction of parents and siblings. So for this reason we also offer some classes just for the children. For these classes we choose venues with a spacious area where grown ups and can sit and chat over a cup of tea, and siblings can play with a basket of toys. You will always be given notes on the session so you can still talk to your child about what they have been up to. We also invite grownups & siblings in to the sessions at the end of each term to join in with the activities and also to watch a short show that the children work towards during the final few minutes of each weekly session.

Drama Llamas is not about performance. It is about using drama as a fun tool for learning. However, the children and very proud to show their grown ups what they have been working on. We sometimes give parents the option to make simple props for the show which helps the children feel even more special.

These classes are for ages 3 and above


Sibling classes

Younger siblings are most welcome to join us in our parent and child classes. Although Drama Llamas is primarily aimed at children over 2 years of age, very young children will also gain important stimulation from our sessions. Younger siblings are very much encouraged to join in as much as they want. There may be parts of the session, for example during the storytelling, where tiny tots may prefer to sit with mum or dad. There is, however, plenty of music and movement throughout the classes, which will appeal to the under 2s.

We charge a nominal fee for younger siblings over 12 months as they will be taking a more active place in the class although not a ‘full’ role.

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My best thing is when we pretend to be other people and make faces like them
- Arthur (aged 3).