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What the grownups say...

Drama and learning for children
Out of all the classes we have done it is by far the best! Thank you again. Really can't stress enough how good Drama Llamas is!!!!!
- Mum to Scarlett (age 3)
Freya started out sitting on my lap through the classes quite quiet and shy but Drama Llamas has brought out the adventurous spirit and confidence that was inside her! The classes are wonderful, full of exciting stories for the children to follow and act out and each week is a surprise. Drama Llamas is a unique exciting, educational class for the children. Freya follows the class each week with such excitement and it has helped in huge ways to expand her little mind and build her confidence.”
- Nicole, mum to Freya (age 2)
Thank you so much to drama llamas and Helen for making Sebastian's party amazing :)
- Janette, mum to Sebastian (age 3)
Drama Llamas has been such an excellent journey for my twins and I have really found it an excellent way for Gilbert to channel his huge enthusiasm, plus has brought Nelly out of her shell and helped her with a shy side under lime light activities which we were unaware even existed. Many thanks for a wonderful year – we really appreciate all your effort and hard work for making our kids more wholesome and more monkey-some monkeys! (Yellow ones apparently!)
- Leah, mum to Gilbert and Nelly (age 4)
Oscar went out of the door saying 'that was really fun, I loved it' this is the first time he has really commented on any class. He then told everyone in the cafe all about it too
- Tania, mum to Oscar (age 3)
We LOVED the show today – it’s always an enjoyable end to the term. Marcus was mesmerised too – Thank you!
- Gillian, mum to Hannah (age 4) and Marcus (age 1)
Many thanks for a fantastic term! I think it’s helped Evie with her Preparation for school!
- Mum to Evie (age 4)
Charlie absolutely LOVES Drama Llamas. Often on a Friday he is bargaining with me to go to class earlier – ie. “Mummy, if I don’t go swimming this morning, can I go to Drama Llamas before lunch instead of after lunch?
- Rosie, mum to Charlie (age 4)

What the professionals say...

Drama and learning for children
I would certainly recommend the Drama Llamas approach for the development of speech and language. The sessions encourage listening skills, imagination and the expression of emotions, thus nurturing good communication skills in a structured yet fun way
- Janet Sutherland, Speech and Language therapist.
Drama Llamas is a fantastic class to have at your nursery, the children always have a brilliant time and ask every day is it Drama Llamas today? Many of the children had already been to Drama Llamas out of nursery so the parents were thrilled when we started offering it at the nursery. The class is unique and fully captivates the children’s imaginations
- Faye Dutton, Assistant Manager, Busy Bees St Albans City Hospital.
An outstanding experience which allows young children the opportunity to discuss story through the media of language, drama, music and movement.
- Dr Graham McFarlane, former OFSTED Inspector for Primary Schools.

And most importantly... what the children say...

Drama and learning for children
My best thing is when we pretend to be other people and make faces like them
- Arthur (age 3 ¾)
I loved Drama Llamas at my birthday party because I could I be the leader of the choo choo train. I had so much fun with my friends!
- Krishan (age 5)
I love seeing what’s in the box. It’s like magic
- Freddie (age 3)
It was the best party ever and it had everything I love.
- Ella (age 5)

And finally... award nominations!

Drama and learning for children
All 3 of my children (aged 5- 3 and 1) love this class. It is an excellent confidence booster. The kids are always laughing and smiling. Each week is different with a new story and allows the kids to be creative and use their imagination. It helps with so many skills
Award nomination testimonial (Best Local Activity for under 5s, What’s on for Little Ones 2013)
The children really enjoy it and, importantly, the parents do too.
Award nomination testimonial (Best activity or class for under 5s, Mum’s Guide to Harpenden 2013)
This is a unique class which combines storytelling- music- dance and drama into each fantastically planned and very fun session. My 3 year old loves it.
Award nomination testimonial (Best Local Activity for under 5s, What’s on for Little Ones 2013)
This is a brilliant group passionate about developing imaginative skills as well as developing listening skills and confidence - my two boys have loved it!
Award nomination testimonial (Best Local Activity for under 5s, What’s on for Little Ones 2013)