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I would certainly recommend the Drama Llamas approach for the development of speech and language. The sessions encourage listening skills, imagination and the expression of emotions, thus nurturing good communication skills in a structured yet fun way
- Janet Sutherland, Speech and language therapist

drama llamas nurseries

Drama is a wonderful tool for learning so each one of our action-packed storytelling and drama sessions is designed with a learning experience in mind. We cover many themes, such as weather, animals, space, road safety, mini beasts, birds and many, many more.

However, the learning goes further than the just theme, we use the story as a touchstone for other imaginative learning opportunities. Within the general theme of ‘under the sea’, for example, we may explore numeracy and scale, whilst within the general theme of ‘holidays ‘we may cover rhyming, opposites, colour or shape.

Attending regular Drama Llamas sessions will help children understand the structure of stories and fine tune their listening skills - both of which are essential preparation for school, early reading and making sense of the world around them. The children play with language and explore emotions helping them to better communicate and understand their own feelings.

So, Drama Llamas is rich with learning opportunities for the children – but from their point of view, they are simply having lots and lots of fun!

Click here to contact us. We can offer regular or one-off classes for special events or topics.

Colourful props, music and llamas!

Drama Llamas is a fantastic class to have at your nursery, the children always have a brilliant time and ask every day is it Drama Llamas today? Many of the children had already been to Drama Llamas out of nursery so the parents were thrilled when we started offering it at the nursery. The class is unique and fully captivates the children’s imaginations
- Faye Dutton, Assistant Manager, Busy Bees St Albans City Hospital

drama llamas nurseries

Our original storytelling and active drama sessions use a variety of fun props, puppets and fantastic illustrations. All of this is accompanied by an eclectic range of inspiring music; where else would you find music from Prokofiev and Ken Dodd all in the same session? We use these tools to help engage all the different types of learners....and, of course, we really do have llamas!

Getting children talking!

In addition to the sessions themselves we always provide hand outs for nursery staff and parents to explain the thinking behind the story, and furnish them with ideas for further development. The handouts keep the learning aspects of the session going long after the class has ended and help to support ECAT initiatives. We can also offer sessions for parents and children, which are great for open days. Click here to contact us.